Why Join?

    The Interior Design Society brings together designers from all facets of interiors who desire to sharpen their competitive edge, build their business sense, advance their career, and serve their community through charitable projects.

    If this sounds like something that interests you, then we would love for you to attend a meeting to see our Chapter in action.

    Whether you are new to residential interior design or someone who has been in the field forever, the Interior Design Society has much to offer.

    IDS members work in many settings and come to the organization with a variety of experience and educational backgrounds.

    What we all have in common is a passion for beautiful design, a thirst for knowledge and a resolute commitment to help clients create the home of their dreams.

    Advance Your Career

    Seminars, design workshops, and the CQRID certification exam can contribute to career advancement, even without a four-year degree.

    IDS has a place for everyone associated with residential interior design or designers. Membership levels begin with the Student level followed by Affiliate, Associate, and Professional.  As you advance, so does your membership level.  To advance from Student to Associate, you can have education, experience, or a combination of both.

    Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

    The primary benefit of membership is credentialing, the use of

    • IDS Student

    • IDS Associate

    • IDS Professional

    Other valuable member benefits include:

    • product discounts

    • special discounts from our Partners in Design members (national commercial companies)

    • access to property insurance discounts

    • access to educational programs

    Portfolio, the IDS four-color quarterly publication, offers a national perspective on IDS activities, the newest Partners in Design and Sponsors, and the latest news about residential interior design.

    IDS activities include educational seminars and online webinars featuring nationally recognized speakers and important informative design or business topics some offering CEU credits.

    Having access to the latest products, the newest trends, and design information from the industry’ s leading authorities helps IDS members maintain their competitive edge.

    for more information, please contact:

    [email protected]

    Courtney Komlosi, (214) 912-2392

    Simi Kapoor, (714) 244-5896